We developed

Virtual Gallery Account System

With TMS.

Virtual Gallery Account System

We have integrated an advanced account system into TMS's Virtual Gallery. New users can easily request an account, which gives them access to a personalized experience in the Virtual Gallery. They can bookmark their favorite products so they can easily find them later and consider their choices.

Furthermore, TMS Account managers have full control over these accounts within SharePoint. For example, they can view favorited products and prepare products for specific users, allowing them to provide a personalized experience. This gives TMS a powerful tool to better understand their customers' needs and preferences and provide them with relevant product information.

This integrated account system provides enhanced interaction between TMS and their customers, increasing customer satisfaction through personalized services and insightful product recommendations.

Within the Sharepoint there are also leaflets that can be linked to products in the Virtual Gallery via the Virtual Gallery CMS. This allows logged-in customers to immediately see the leaflet that contains the product.