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Developer and Designer

An experienced software developer, UX designer and a teacher. I love to learn, discuss and work hard to create nice and useful things.



Developer and Researcher

I love to keep expanding my knowledge and improving my skills. I think it’s important to keep researching new technologies, you never know what benefits they will bring you.



Developer and Producer

My goal is finding the sweet spot of delivering the highest quality within the given time. I strive to enable everyone on my team to work on the things that they excel at.

How can we help you?

Does your company have a question or a need? There is often a solution in software. We can help you in the area of computer programs, apps, augmented reality, virtual reality, ganmes, game porting, data analysis and web apps.

We are here to create solutions!
We like to think with you and answer your questions.

We previously developed this.


With our partners and clients.